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Sport Psychology & Traditional Sport

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1:1 Coaching

Team Coaching

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NICK "FlowStateGG"



3+ Years Rocket League Coaching

  • Top 3 NA RLCS Performance Coach (Space Station Gaming)

  • Head Rocket League coach at Northeastern University


    • Educational videos focused on improvement from a traditional sport and sport psychology perspective

    • 30k + Subscribers

10+ years Professional Coaching

  • Certified Sport Psychology coach​

  • Certified Professional Tennis coach

    • 3+ years running tournament training program, working with top ranked tennis juniors competing in regional and national level tournaments

Coaching Style/Process

​Drill-Based Coaching

  • Proven to be the most efficient method of training

  • Focus more time on FIXING problems than identifying them

  • We'll look at your replays, but spend less time here than typical RL coaches. After I've identified major underlying issues, we'll spend our time working to improve them

  • I have created a playbook for my lessons with 100+ drills for dozens of scenarios & to work on mechanics in unique ways

Sport Psychology

  • With my background in Sport Psychology, we'll work to address your practice habits and develop the best ways for you to maintain motivation and train efficiently

  • We can also go over nerves / anxiety in game and the best ways to overcome them

For Teams

  • Build team synergy so that plays become more fluid

  • Scenario based drills (passing plays, rotation scenarios)

  • For more serious teams, we’ll take a more holistic approach, addressing topics outside of the game such as sleep/diet/fitness for optimal performance

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